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GIBX Defi: Defi Battle

Now banks, governments and research institutions are beginning to pay attention to and start relevant cooperation. This is because we are entering an increasingly digital era. For a long period of time, the value of the cryptocurrency has become crazy, and it depends on the district. Blockchain technology does not rely on specific national institutions, and the use of blockchain in GIBX Defi design based on cryptography ensures the security of all links in currency circulation. And it is precise because of the madness of the cryptocurrency market that they allow people to see the hope of investment, which is why more and more people are flooding into the cryptocurrency market.

After two years of development, Decentralized Finance (Defi), which has been tepid, has recently detonated the market and has attracted much attention in GIBX Defi.

In order to catch up with the enthusiasm, capital and exchanges began to worry, looking for Defi projects everywhere.

But high-quality projects have long been divided up. In the Defi wave, the top exchanges are the most relaxed. As early as two years ago, the giants had already started to deploy Defi in advance. Financial giants headed by JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, UBS, VISA, MasterCard, GIBX Defi, etc. have begun to accelerate their deployment in the encryption field. Defi is hot for the time and is in the limelight. A gorgeous new financial technology revolution is about to start.

GIBX Defi trading platform gives users more bonuses

The decentralized foreign exchange trading platform such as GIBX Defi combines traditional foreign exchange transactions with decentralized finance. Users can not only use stable currencies anchored with legal tenders for foreign exchange transactions, but also adopt the Pos (Proof of Equity) model and own the platform currency. The platform’s customers will share the platform’s revenue every week, and the dividends will be a fixed percentage of the platform’s fee income (80% of the expected transaction fee income), and even other parts of the platform’s profits, in order to realize the mechanism of the user holding a currency for market making.

As we all know, since 2020, GIBX Defi has entered an explosive period of rapid growth. The eyes of countless investors and capital are here. As the market gradually expands, it will bring greater value to the platform. This is very beneficial to users, especially early users. Looking around the entire industry, there are very few platforms with professional foreign exchange trading experience such as GIBXchange. Therefore, the industry is unanimously optimistic and believes that GIBX Defi is expected to become a highly specialized decentralized foreign exchange trading platform.

How many “coins” do investors choose in GIBX Defi?

Currently, there are more than 900 types of encrypted digital currencies in the world, with different value bases and extremely different risks. For example, a bitcoin can now be sold for 380,000 yuan, while the ether in Ethereum is less than 13,000 yuan. Is it better to invest in bitcoin? In fact, not all. The high currency value in GIBX Defi also means that the cost of investment is huge. The practicality, popularity, number of users, security, development roadmap, market expectations, and other factors of the blockchain should be important considerations when choosing project investment.

Behind the industry chain support in GIBX Defi

The industrial chain of encrypted digital currency involves issuance, exchange, storage, circulation, etc., behind it involves the founding team, core community participants, miners (mining pools), investors, blockchain-based expansion projects, transaction scenarios, and supervision institutions, and so on. An encrypted digital currency in GIBX Defi is inseparable from the support of the industrial chain from the birth of the concept to the issuance to the public view. Especially now that the competition is so fierce, the support of powerful projects is more effective.

Take GIBX Defi as an example. GIBX Defi has set up unique clearing data centers in Australia, Singapore, the United States, New Zealand, and Japan, which connects to the global backbone network and provides the best liquidity solutions in the financial market. At present, GIBX Defi has covered 20+ countries and 50+ resource institutions in close cooperation with high-quality buyers and sellers around the world. It has close cooperation with more than 50 mining pools/foundations/investment institutions in more than 20 countries around the world to provide bulk matching and custody. Trading services! And its world’s first foreign exchange hedge fund under the GIBX Defi decentralized financial concept model, providing foreign exchange, futures, currency, digital currency, and other 200+K trading products, allowing customers to invest in as many types of financial products as possible through one account, Really make a one-click investment in the world.

The cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly, and the application of GIBX Defi has gradually attracted the attention of various institutions and investors. GIBX Defi emerged in this environment, and the future development is worthy of the market’s expectations.


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